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Aitutaki Map

Aitutaki Map showing lagoon, main island, smaller motu and fringing reef.

Aitutaki Atoll is roughly triangular in shape and its main land mass is the island of Aitutaki. At the top of the island is the location of the local airport. To the east is the island of Akitua, which is the point where early Polynesians first stepped foot on this breathtakingly beautiful region of Cook Islands.

There are 3 islands of volcanic origin. These are Aitutaki, Rapot and Moturakau. The remaining 12 motu are coral-based.

Map Features

  • The main island is Aitutaki
  • There are many uninhabited islets or motu, which are perfect for day trips.
  • Survivor Cook Islands was filmed on location in the south-eastern part of Aitutaki atoll (Moturakau & Rapota).
  • The lagoon is 20 kilometres wide at its largest point and very shallow - max. depth is 10.5 metres (34.45 ft).
  • The districts of Aitutaki are known as tapaere
  • The origin on the name Aituaki comes from aitu (meaning God) and taki (meaning led).
European explorers included Captain Cook visited Aitutaki 1789 and 1792. Charles Darwin visited in 1835.

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